Housing Association Terrace Bin storage areas

Great Places housing offices look after a number of properties, including in this case 36 plots across 2 main streets in Salford district.

The Project

Each of the terrace houses has a storage area to keep the wheelie bins stored away and keeping the front of the property looking tidy. These original areas had been erected in timber less than 10 years ago, but had proven to be high maintenance and were looking extremely tired. The original specification given by Great Places housing association was to replace and renew timber with a product that lasted a long time, was guaranteed and kept within budgets. Also it had to match the colour of the original timber bin storage areas as some roofing sections would not be replaced.

The Solution

The existing style and colour required a specification using the Fitrite Winchester Fencing panel as the core with matching posts, caps and brackets.


“The Fitrite fencing product that we used on the contract was easy to install. Each component was straight forward and more or less self-explanatory for assembly. The finished product is quite effective and both the client and the residents of the properties where the fencing was installed are very happy with the overall installation”.

Chris Woolridge @ John Southworth


John Southworth Builders


Commercial – Housing association


Great Places Housing association – Salford

Products used:

Winchester Fencing panels in Cherrywood foil with matching Posts, post caps and brackets